Payment functions

This page described ICEPAY's standard payment functions.

Field level documentation of our API is available at our Apiary site. Although this site is primarily focused on our REST API the field level descriptions apply to all our API's.


The Checkout operation allows you to initialize a new payment in the ICEPAY system for most of the payment methods that you have access to. For AchterafBetalen you should use CheckoutExtended instead.You can expect a URL in the response to redirect the consumer to.

Important notes:

  • The field ‘issuer’ must always contain a value allowed under the chosen payment method. For example when paying with iDEAL, the issuer must be a Dutch consumer bank supporting iDEAL. When paying with credit cards, the issuer must be a supported credit card scheme for which you have a subscription.
  • Most payment methods are limited to certain countries. Some payment methods (iDEAL, Giropay, Carte Bleue etc.) are limited to one country, while others (Wire Transfer, SOFORT Banking) are limited to the SEPA area or to a certain part of the SEPA area. The Supported Parameters Sheet specifies the allowed countries for each payment method.


The CheckoutExtended operation is almost identical to Checkout with the difference that it includes an extra field called 'XML'. This XML field must be populated with information about the order. The specific details regarding the contents of this field will differ per Payment Method.


Calling the GetPayment operation will return more information about a payment. Most of the information that is returned is already being sent back via the regular Postback notification.

One of the fields returned by this operation is Attributes. This is an optional list of name-value pairs. See Payment Attributes for possible attributes that may be returned.


To get a list of all Payment Methods that are enabled on your account you can use this operation. It will return the enabled Payment Methods, the enaled Issuers for each Payment Method, for which countries the Issuers are enabled and currencies, minimum amount and maximum amount for a specific Issuer. You can use this information to populate your Checkout screen.