Payment Forwarding

Payment Forwarding is a service offered by ICEPAY, allowing extensive actions after a payment has been done on your account.

It allows you to:

  • Split the amount to several recipients
  • Forward the amount to an outside bank
  • Forward the amount to other merchants
  • Use fixed amounts, percentage amounts or amounts that are set per individual payment

Payment Forwarding must always be setup by your ICEPAY account manager. This page described the possibilities and technical requirements.


Use cases:

  • For a specific Company we need to forward a percentage (5%) of each payment to a different Company account (always the same).
  • A Company does transactions for subsidiary companies that are seperate Companies in our system, each payment must be forwarded in whole to a different company (each time a different company).
  • A part of each payment for a company must be paid out to the IBAN of a customer (each time a different customer).

We have a generic solution for these situations: Payment Forwarding. An application will process new payments to execute the forwarding. Payment Forwarding can have three different types of recipients:

  • FixedAccount: the recipient account is always the same. The recipient account data is entered with the forwarding rule

  • FromDescription: the recipient account is determined from the PaymentDescription using a Regular Expression (see below)

  • Merchant: the amount is forwarded to another merchant

Correction & Transfers

As noted in the previous paragraph, a forwarding can be to a recipient account or to a merchant. If the forwarding is to a recipient account, a BankDataExport record is created for the forwarding amount of type Refunds. This means that the bank transfer for the forwarding will be included when a Payout of type CREDIT_TRANSFER for Consumer is done. If the forwarding is to a merchant, the recipient merchant will receive a Correction Payment. The forwarded amount is always deducted from the source merchant as a Correction Payment.

Regular Expression

If the Payment Description contains the recipient information we can setup a Regular Expression to extract the IBAN, BIC and Name from the description.

DELAY of PayOut and Fixed Amount

Optionally you can delay the forwarding of the payment. To do this you should specify the delay in the description of the Payment. The letter D represents delay and the number indicates how many days the delay should be. However, the delay can’t exceed 9 days. The choice of figures is therefore 0-9. 9 days is the maximum number of delay days. If the digit is 0 behind the D, this means that there is no delay and the transaction is immediately transmitted. The manner in which this should be handed over to the transaction is as follows:


This does not indicate delay, pay out immediately...!!!!!


This indicates a delay of 2 days. Payment will be made 2 days after order time.

DON'T FORGET THE SYMBOL \ IN FRONT AND AFTER. The transaction will fail without the symbol \ and without the :


There is also the possibility to work with a fixed amount. In the description field you can indicate how much is to be transferred to the client as a fixed amount. This can be indicated by the letter F, which stands for fixed amount. Behind the letter F comes the amount which it fixed. The amount does not have a dot or comma.

Example: If the amount is €100,= then it must enter the description field as 10000

DON'T FORGET THE SYMBOL \ IN FRONT AND AFTER. The transaction will fail without the symbol \ and without the :


It is also possible to use both of the options. Here you use the same symbols with the same layout.

Example: a delay of 2 days and a fixed amount of € 25,=.

\D:2 F:2500\


The example here below indicates that a payment of € 25,00 will be forwarded in 2 days to the customer V.D.A. Hemelaar. His or her iBAN number is NL86BINK0802477925 and the BIC code is BINKNL21. The information need to be given in the description field.

\D:2 F:2500\NL86BINK0802477925 BINKNL21 V. D. A. Hemelaar


The following logic & rules will apply to the Payment Forwarding:

  • Only Payments with a positive amount (>0) will be forwarded
  • Only Payments with PaymentStatus OK and a PaymentTime will be forwarded
  • Only non-Test payments will be forwarded.
  • The total amount to be forwarded can never be greated than the amount of the payment
  • When forwarding a payment we will:
  • Add a correction Payment to the source Merchant
  • If the recipient is another Merchant we will add a correction payment to the recipient merchant
  • For most payment methods (part of) the description that is provided is visible to the consumer that pays the transaction (on their statement). This must be taken into account when using the 'FromDescription' option.