MerchantA company that processes payments through the ICEPAY transaction platform. An ICEPAY client can have several Merchants (websites/webshops).
ConsumerThe customer of the Merchant. The end-user who makes a payment through the website/webshop of the Merchant. Also referred to as Customer.
RedirectAfter the consumer has paid on an external site (e.g. bankwebsite) he will be redirected back to your webshop website

Asynchronous message sent when the payment status changes.

ChecksumDigital signature used to sign all messages.

Pre-shared key used in checksum calculation. You can find your secret in your merchant settings when you log in to

PaymentMethodA specific way to pay for a transaction. Examples are: CreditCard, Ideal, Paypal
IssuerA payment method is issued by a specific institution (often a bank). Issuers can be banks that support ideal, mastercard, visa and AmericanExpress for creditcard etc.
AcquirerThe acquirer is an institution (often a bank) that handles payments for a specific PaymentMethod. ICEPAY supports several acquirers for some payment methods, either as backup or to allow for different rates.