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Download ICEPAY API Postman collection

Checksum header

All our API endpoints are secured by a Checksum header.
In the postman collection you’ll find a pre-request script with a Javascript example.

Payment methods

Gebruik ons getmypaymentmethods endpoint om de betaalmethoden in te laden. U krijgt van onze API een lijst terug met alle beschikbare betaalmethoden en issuers.

U kunt de betaalmethoden ook in uw code opnemen, zorg er wel voor dat de iDEAL issuers worden opgehaald met het getmypaymentmethods endpoint omdat deze lijst frequent wijzigt.

Create transaction

The checkout endpoint is used to create a simple payment.

Amount is in cents.

The OrderId must be unique.
However, you can use the reference for non-unique identifiers.

URLCompleted and URLError are where a customer gets sent after the payment has been completed or aborted. Use these landing pages to inform the customer but not to change the internal order status. You should only use URLPostback for this to prevent race conditions. This API endpoint will return a PaymentID, which you can later use in the Postback WebHooks or refund request.