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Before you start

Make sure that you have performed the following steps before integration with the ICEPAY API for online payments is started.

If you just want to try out our ICEX-2.0 API you can do a self signup on our test environment. After logging into our test Portal you can then create a new Contract Profile, that you can use to do API calls. Once you are ready to become a customer register here and you will be contacted by ICEPAY Sales Support for KYC. Make sure you use the correct environment We offer two environments: Test and production. The base URL for the API for the two environments are:

Test :

Production :

Please make sure you are using the correct environment with the correct credentials. While developing and testing your integration, you should use the Test API credentials that you can retrieve from the Test Portal Read more about the how to integrate the API via our documentation. Just remember to point to the correct environment URL. Once you’re happy with the integration and ready to start processing real payments on production, you should replace the Test API credentials for the Production API credentials.

It’s important to keep any API credentials safe and secure. Store these credentials safely and never share these credentials.


Using ICEPAY’s Postman collection you can start testing the ICEPAY API in minutes! We have created a set of API calls that automate calculation of the necessary checksums. With the help of Postman you can investigate how our API works and use that knowledge in building your own integration.

To get credentials for the ICEPAY Test environment you can visit the self signup page. After completing the form, and then activating your account by clicking the link in the confirmation email, you can login to the portal.

You can download the collection here. Click on “Run in Postman” in the top right corner and select “Postman for Windows” (or Mac/Linux). Unfortunately our Postman collection will not work in Postman for Web.