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Transaction Flow

The Transaction Flow applies to payments for Payment Methods that use a simple flow: the consumer is redirected to an external page where they execute the payment.

Examples are Creditcard, iDeal, Paypal and many others.

Create Transaction

Initiates a new transaction and returns an object including a URL for the consumer to be redirected to.

The transactionStatusCode in the response will be STARTED. Once the transaction is finalized (succesfully or not) the merchant is informed by the redirect and the postback.

If the transaction could not be initiated the response can be an error response or a transactionStatusCode of FAILED or REJECTED.

Get Transaction

Returns the requested transaction.

This endpoint can be used to poll the status of a transaction.


Initiates a refund for the specified transaction.

Partial refunds are possible. This endpoint returns the refund object with refundStatusCode COMPLETED if the refund was succesfully initiated.

If the transaction could not be initiated the response can be an error response or a refundStatusCode of FAILED or REJECTED.

Transaction Status Flow

After initiating a transaction, the transaction status flow is generally as follows: Transaction flow

Transaction Statuses

Status Description
PENDING A transaction was initiated by the consumer. This is a temporary status only when the platform is busy initiating the transaction.
STARTED The payment process was started by the consumer after initiation of the transaction.
COMPLETED The transaction was successfully processed and was cleared by the payments system. Funds have not (yet) been received by ICEPAY. It’s the customers own risk to deliver products and/or services based on this status.
CANCELLED The transaction has been cancelled by the consumer.
EXPIRED The consumer did not complete the transaction in due time.
FAILED The transaction failed due to technical reasons.
REJECTED The transaction failed due to functional reasons.
SETTLED The transaction was settled to ICEPAY, funds were received by ICEPAY and the transaction was fully reconciled in the payments system. The transaction will be credited to the balance of the merchant and is available for payout.