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Refunds can be initiated within the ICEPAY portal, or by using our API.

See payment methods, for specific information about the refund method per payment method.

Refund with ICEPAY Portal

How to refund

  1. Sign in to your ICEPAY Portal account.
  2. Go to Reports -> Transactions and search the transaction you want to refund.
  3. On the Payment Details page, go to the Refund tab.
  4. Enter the amount you want to refund and click Refund.

Refund with API

Go to Refund API documentation for more information.

Processsing time

Refunds are generally processed within 5 business days. This can differ based on issuer or bank.

Card refund

Card processing time

  • Within 1 business day the refund will be sent to relevant issuer.
  • Within 14 business days the refund will be processed by the issuer, this depends on the issuer.
  • If the refund is not visible for the customer, but it says REFUNDED in the ICEPAY portal, we recommend the customer to contact the issuer.
  • After 14 days it is possible to request a ARN from ICEPAY. This can be provided to the customer to contact the issuer.

Possible refund statuses

Go to the original payment to see the status of the refund.

Status Meaning
REFUNDED Refund has been processed succesfully.
In progress Refund is initiated and is waiting for the system to process it.

Refunds can be canceled if the status is still In progress.

Refund types

Type Meaning
Full The full amount will be refunded.
Partial A set amount will be refunded. Multiple partial refunds can be made, but the total amount can not exceed the original amount.

Reasons a refund can not be initiated

Type Meaning
Payment expired Payments can only be refunded within 180 days.
Payment failed Refunds can only be initiated if the original payment has been settled.