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ICEPAY is a payment provider and therefore we are required to examine our possible clients before entering into an agreement. The purpose of this examination is, among other things, to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorrism.

What information am I supposed to submit for the examination?

We need to establish a number of facts, such as:

  1. Who is/are the UBO(s) of the enterprise?
  2. What is the expected transaction volume?
  3. In which countries is the enterprise active?
  4. Is the desired payment account in the enterprise's name?

It might be necessary for you to submit certain documents, such as:

  1. A copy of an identification document of the UBO(s)
  2. A document that proves that the UBO(s) have been identified correctly, e.g.: KvK UBO extract, signed statement of accounts, deed of incorporation.

Additional requirements

Depending on your enterprise, it might be necessary that we set additional requirements. Think of an understanding of permits or additional agreements that we include in the contract.

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