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There are 3 reasons to generate a statement:
1. If ICEPAY is paying out.
2. If ICEPAY closes the month administratively.
3. Ad-hoc.

You can download statements as PDF & XLS files in the Portal.
Go to the menu Financial Overview -> Statements. There you can download the transactions on a statement as CSV files as well.

Statement structure

A statement consists of five parts:

  1. Transactions (all transactions not yet included on other statements)
  2. ICEPAY costs
  3. Paid holdbacks
  4. Holdback holdbacks
  5. Chargebacks

The amount that we transfer will always be lower than the sum of the transactions on a statement. The amount on the statement will always match the amount of the payout.

ICEPAY costs consist of yearly, monthly and transaction costs. The transaction costs are charged monthly. In the case of a more frequent payout frequency there will be statements without ICEPAY costs.