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Statements are created for the following reasons:

  • If ICEPAY is paying out.
  • If ICEPAY closes the month administratively.
  • Ad-hoc.

Where to find your statements

You can download statements as PDF & XLS files in the Portal.
Go to the menu Financial Overview -> Statements. Here you can also download all the payments included in that statement as a CSV file.

Statement structure

The following components can be included in a statement:

Total processed turnover

Here you can find the total processed turnover for each payment method. In the turnover specifications on your statement you can find further details about the turnover.


See holdback for more information about holdbacks.

Holdback current period

This is a negative amount on your statement, this will be not be paid out in the current period(held back). See holdback specifications on your statement for more details.

Holdback available for payout

This is the total amount that was held back in the previous period and is now available for payout.


These are costs that are charged by ICEPAY.


Corrections made by ICEPAY. For example if incorrect invoiced fees are charged, or transaction that have not been paid out due to incorrect settings.

Balance carried forward

Transfers that could not be debited/credited in this period, so they are carried forward to the next period. For example if not enough funds are available on your bank account. Or the bank account the payout was done to is not valid.

Additional information

The amount that we transfer will always be lower than the sum of the transactions on a statement. The amount on the statement will always match the amount of the payout.

ICEPAY costs consist of yearly, monthly and transaction costs. The transaction costs are charged monthly. In the case of a more frequent payout frequency there will be statements without ICEPAY costs.