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We apply holdbacks to certain types of transactions. This is meant to cover risks. As the name suggests, a part of the money involved in such a transaction is held back for a fixed period of time. When the holdback period is over, this part will be paid. The agreed holdback period starts when a transaction is added to a statement.

This influences your statements. On transaction level, we show the first statement, because the other part is no longer linked to the original transaction after withholding the holdback.


Q: To which payment methods do we apply holdbacks?

A: To credit card and direct debit.

Q: When will my holdback be paid?

A: When the holdback period has ended by using a so-called "rolling reserve".

Q: Can my holdback percentage or period be adjusted?

A: We can adjust it in consultation. Contact us about any changes you'd like to make.

Q: What happens to my holdback if I leave ICEPAY?

A: The holdback will be paid only when the holdback period has ended, as chargeback can still happen in the meantime.