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When is a transaction put on a statement?

The process differs depending on the payment method used when making the transaction.

iDEAL, SOFORT Banking, Credit card via ICEPAY, Giropay, EPS, POS transactions

All transactions that have status description = success in Portal will be put on the statement. At that moment, we change the status description to Settled S(statement number).

Transactions get status description = success when we receive the money from a consumer in our bank account. How long this takes, differs per payment method. Transactions that use the payment method iDEAL will always be put on the next statement.

Bancontact transactions

Contact us for more information.

PayPal transactions

We don't collect at Paypal. The successful transactions for which the consumer used PayPal will always be put on the next statement. In this situation, we will change the status description to Cleared S(statement number).

Credit card via Worldline

At the moment, we only offer Credit cards via ICEPAY. Contact us if you use Credit cards via Worldline.