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Legacy APIs & plugins


ICEPAY offers payments since 1999 and the technical innovation has been ongoing since. Over the years, we have introduced new products to serve our clients even better.

If clients still use old products, we try to support this. The conditions are that the product is used sufficiently and the safety is in order.

Overview legacy APIs

  • REST API ICEX2 Interconnect
  • BASIC & Advanced Mode

Overview legacy plugins

  • Sellxed WooCommerce plugin
  • Sellxed Magento plugin
  • Sellxed Wordpress plugin


Until when do you support an outdated product?

We continuously monitor the use and safety. Based on these factors, we can decide to no longer support an API. Of course we will inform our clients in advance about such decisions.

Can I switch to the current API?

Absolutely. We are happy to help with this of course.